Clash of clans hack for gems

Clash of clans hack for gems

Clash of clans hack for gems. Clash of clans hit the app store with an amazing development speed.It was released near july 2012 in full mode after spending some months in beta testing phase. To me , this game called clash of clans it’s the supreme chalange to develop you warrior spirit and your patience. You have to have patience , strategy , as well as a good fighting style to match you oponents. If you have all that you can dominate in the game.


The credits are deserved by the users and their merits are recognized in the game by trophies.The game ask the user to build a village and to populate it . You have different buildings for mining,training soldiers ,camping them, and collecting the dark elixir. To unblock the buildings you need to upgrade the townhall . After this main building it’s upgraded , the next level buildings are unblocked.As you build more and expand more your village becomes a fortress. The game also provides defensive buildings like cannons,traps,mines etc.The war strategy that you adopt must comply with the enemy you face. If your troops attacks and encounters a giant wall and the enemy also have 4 5 cannons, your troops will be decimated as the barbarians can’t penetrate the wall fast enough and the archers are bussy being killed by the cannons when they fire to enemy’s buildings.In this situation the only solution it’s upgrading the barracks to have acces to giants and wall breakers. This will give you huge advantage as you can collapse the enemy walls fast.The pressure that the game has , makes you come back every day. The presion of building new base , better attack strategies makes the game addicting to the users.Clash of clans was never the best looking game,not ugly also but it’s not like the 3d modern games.The clash of clans in conclusion it’s a superb game, with beautifull gameplay, the only problem with it is that generation of the gems it’s hard ,and the resource it’s expensive to buy. The main problem was solved by some smart programers that made a clash of clans hack program. The clash of clans hack program was a huge invention and kept the people in the game .When you have the power to generate as many of gems you want,the game is much pleasant and more interactive as your limitations disappear.Those ho are looking to build a world where they can destroy and counquer other players , this is the best choice you can ever make. So go to your app store or google store , download the game and start killing enemies. You wont regret if you play this revolutionary game !


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